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September 2017
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Memory overload

Just when I was having so much fun.. When testing the handy headshaped reader together with all the four feedback motors in the code I’m up for an unpleasant surprise. I make a couple of new tags, one for each feedback function to test them out. I finally get them all up and running with the code, after a small discovery that pin no 6 is switched high automatically when uploading code to the arduino mini (Katarina had the same problem, but none of us has find any explanation of why it’s like this). But then the reader starts striking. Turns out that it works ok when reading the same tag over and over again in almost eternity, but when feeding it with different tags the board cuts out reading after just six or seven tags. This really sucks, since my prototype depends on the testing of different type of feedback.


I search the web for arduino and memory overload without getting closer to a solution. I realize it’s time for me to overcome my fear for the unknown, and change my habit of just discreetly sniffing around in the arduino-forum that I’ve joined for the prototyping occasion a couple of weeks ago, where I’m one of the YaBB Newbies, and try get some help from the pro’s. People do seem very helpful in there, and questions are posted in all complexity levels. That makes me feel entitled to try it out. It also helps that this time I suspect what might be wrong (seems like there’s some sort of memory of the arrays that has to be deleted, otherwise it’s filled up with traces from earlier readings fast) but I don’t know how to solve the problem in code. Never liked working much with arrays in Processing either, so far I’ve learned they generally means trouble.
I get an answer within one hour :)

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