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May 2007
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Archive for May, 2007

Alive and kicking

The final mounting of the motor circuit turns out to be more complicated than I first expected. This takes almost one whole day.

First, where it’s needed, I pack the individual units into something to shield them. The speaker gets a thin layer of foam to soften the sound. The two vibrating motors are placed in […]

Foam surgery


Preparing for the upcoming sewing session, I cut the tempur foam in suitable slices and wrap the whole toy body in it. I vary the thickness after where the grip should be placed, and also create a flatter appearance of the head through form cut pieces to put in the chins. And I make a […]

Memory performance == true

The memory load issue is solved :) A good thing is it was not even the problem. The code I used had a hangup for another reason, a serial overload, and that’s worse since I created it.. To tangle out the problem and fix it was a simple task for an experienced programmer (not me), […]

Shape of things (to come)

Time for catching up with the 3D design. Handy when my own programming brain also is temporary overloaded. I decide to produce my own objects for the memory game, either casting them (plaster or concrete) or shaping them in the actual material (the best would be stone - but guess I’m landing on wood or […]

Memory overload

Just when I was having so much fun.. When testing the handy headshaped reader together with all the four feedback motors in the code I’m up for an unpleasant surprise. I make a couple of new tags, one for each feedback function to test them out. I finally get them all up and running with […]

It’s all in the head

What a beautiful sight when all the spreaking wires are neatly stuffed into the milky white head. I’ve built a wall inside the head that gives the reader a separate room without any pressure on the sensitive solderings on it’s back. At the same time it supports the breadboard so that this is kept […]

Critical soldering

With a moderate consumption of coffee during the day I get to the hard core part of prototyping; soldering the bread board for the brain content. First I build an exact model on a plastic board, functioning of course, for me to copy. Still, there’s a lot of planning about where to put the wires […]

Moulding the shell

The shell of the body and the head are moulded separately from shapes in cibatool. I make them roomy enough to be minimized in the seam between the two halves when I know exactly how much space I need for the electronics. I then go for a fit of my newly built brain-unit, i.e. all […]

Going mini

Today I got the code and simple feedback working on the mini arduino as well. Since I still have to be able to reboot and upload new code to the microprocessor, I need to integrate a disconnect/connect RX pin for the Reader’s data, and a reset button as well.

The final triumph comes when the whole […]

Shaping the shell

Today I’m building a more acccurate shape and size of the shell for the electronics. The yellow wax dog is scaled 1:1, but there’s going to be an extra layer of soft foam on top of this so it’ll be a bit bigger. I’m deciding how to hold it, and mark out where the feedback […]