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April 2007
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Notes from a guest lecture at AHO by Lavrans Løvlie 27/4.
Design vs innovation, the difference could be that in the fisrt case you know what to expect in the end of a process, in the other case you don’t.
We are what we do… not what we own.
The scenario of the future simply seems brighter if […]

Åpent forum

Fiona Raby
Notes from a lecture at kunstakademiet 25/3
Designs for Fragile Personalities in Anxious Times
Fascinated by deeply human, irrational, contradictory behaviour. Searching for esthetics in fragility. Complicated pleasure. Celebrate the contradiction.
Design is traditionally seen as a problem solving activity. This is it’s greatest strength, plus the ability to give things a tangible, real quality. But what […]

First Rfid reader

Einar’s got the first arduino compatible reader working, so me and Katarina got the data sheet for it to just figure out how to read the scheme and understand the connections.

Since the circuit is drawn from the underside, and not looking realistic when it comes to the layout of the pins, we had to make […]


I found an interresting research project;
Studies of tactile-haptic perception
And a temporary substitute for observing a blind kid, might be a danish study from 2006, based on video observations of blind kids (0-6 years);
Development of play
A resource center in Skåne with advice on simple electronic things to create & build, for generallt handicapped kids. Especially the […]


Anthropological study methods of a blind kid, prefferably in kindergarden / pre-school. Maybe interviews. Jorunn Hauge from Huseby can get me a user, a 6 year old boy.
Prototype building & pre-testing with reader and chips (week 17)
Concept development with Trygve & Edvin from Tambartun friday 27/4
Moodboards start gathering material
Research condensed for presentation & exhibition
I have […]

Anthropological Workshop

The following friday we get the chance to test the methods out ourselves. Turns out it’s really fun! The first step is to find a way to be with people. Do things with them. And study yourself in the process. Ethnography was founded by anthropologists, but is nowadays used in another way than in it’s […]


Lecture and intro to workshop with Anne Galloway.
General about touch; materiality is the key point. Materials, magic, behaviour. Different touches, soft/hard, desirable/undesirable.
Personas? One idea is to make yourself as a touchstone to a set of personas, to ground them. Design should give people the ability to develop, to not be in a stagnated mode. Anthropology […]

Mobile of the Future

Notes from a lecture at DogA 12/3.
Trends and patterns, the background is the four historical stages of interaction described by Paul Dourish; electrical, symbolic, textual and graphical. The latter needs more use of human skills and abilities. It’s believed that we are heading towards increased use of social and tangible computing.
As soon as something is […]


I’ve now chosen to work more on the dog, something I did before Easter as well, but it could be useful to reconfirm statements once in a while.. I have not totally dropped the board game idea either, but now I’m thinking more about combining the two. With the dog I can work more with […]


Here is a link to a webpage with ideas to tactile games made for the touch-board, that my mum sent me.. Apparently parts of this design has connections to my home town Umeå.