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June 2018
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Critical soldering

With a moderate consumption of coffee during the day I get to the hard core part of prototyping; soldering the bread board for the brain content. First I build an exact model on a plastic board, functioning of course, for me to copy. Still, there’s a lot of planning about where to put the wires […]

Moulding the shell

The shell of the body and the head are moulded separately from shapes in cibatool. I make them roomy enough to be minimized in the seam between the two halves when I know exactly how much space I need for the electronics. I then go for a fit of my newly built brain-unit, i.e. all […]

Going mini

Today I got the code and simple feedback working on the mini arduino as well. Since I still have to be able to reboot and upload new code to the microprocessor, I need to integrate a disconnect/connect RX pin for the Reader’s data, and a reset button as well.

The final triumph comes when the whole […]

Shaping the shell

Today I’m building a more acccurate shape and size of the shell for the electronics. The yellow wax dog is scaled 1:1, but there’s going to be an extra layer of soft foam on top of this so it’ll be a bit bigger. I’m deciding how to hold it, and mark out where the feedback […]

Code breakthrough

This small bunch of letters solves something I thought might be a big issue with the code. This is a command in C to express String Compare, that fits perfectly with the mission of detecting the ID’s, something I learned after emergency help from programmer boyfriend. Before this there was a problem with the strings […]

Electro green

Today I had a hard time making the relay click on a command from arduino. I thought it would be piece of a cake to use the Hello World Blinking LED code for this purpose, It should be clicking in a rhythm.., but there I was wrong. Troubleshooting, I found out the current raises and […]


This day has been tweaking one thing in the code, researching the Arduino Forum a bit, soldering soft wires to my motors.. And I went to Elfa to check for relays that may have another sound. A bit weird experience in the store, when I tried to explain I dont care about one or two […]

Rfid read in Arduino

Then I worked a bit on the programming side since the functioning code, for detecting and printing a readable ID in byte, only works in Processing and not in Arduino. First I got no responses at all (turns out I just forgot to turn on the serial port), but after some tweaking and adding one […]

Mechanical Instruments

I got a relay the other day, and after some research on net I finally found enough info in the Physical Computing book to get my mind around the simple action that I want it to do. It turns out a relay is a component that lets you connect AC power from an outlet into […]

Behaviour and Feedback

Whithout a serial mp3 player (too expensive for my student economy), I decide to try to get some sound out of simpler devices. I make a rough plan for the sounds I initially think is possible to design with simple mechanical components;
SNIFFING - scraping, buzzing, soft low frequency sound. Any time randomly or after a […]