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June 2018
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This is a page with research for an interactive installation that’s gonna be presented at forsningsdagene here in Oslo. More info is coming soon..

Visiting a conference

At the end exhibition at AHO the 13 of june, this project was awarded with a price for best Universal Design. The price was handed out of ITFunk, and included the trip to Kristiansand, hotel and participation on an international conference on Universal Design.
The conferance t4p (technology for participation) was held in Kristiansand the […]

Updated report

I have updated the report to include the concept phase of the project as well, which makes it even longer but gives a more true picture of the whole process. The previous report in Word, found in the post below, is now also updated. Here is a pdf version of Sniff Project Report.

Final report

The end of the project has of course been hectic, so the blog has not been updated for a while. After the final presentation on friday 1st of june, we have set up an exhibition 11-15 june. On the grand opening of the exhibition on wednesday the 13th, my project was nominated to best student […]

Alive and kicking

The final mounting of the motor circuit turns out to be more complicated than I first expected. This takes almost one whole day.

First, where it’s needed, I pack the individual units into something to shield them. The speaker gets a thin layer of foam to soften the sound. The two vibrating motors are placed in […]

Foam surgery


Preparing for the upcoming sewing session, I cut the tempur foam in suitable slices and wrap the whole toy body in it. I vary the thickness after where the grip should be placed, and also create a flatter appearance of the head through form cut pieces to put in the chins. And I make a […]

Memory performance == true

The memory load issue is solved :) A good thing is it was not even the problem. The code I used had a hangup for another reason, a serial overload, and that’s worse since I created it.. To tangle out the problem and fix it was a simple task for an experienced programmer (not me), […]

Shape of things (to come)

Time for catching up with the 3D design. Handy when my own programming brain also is temporary overloaded. I decide to produce my own objects for the memory game, either casting them (plaster or concrete) or shaping them in the actual material (the best would be stone - but guess I’m landing on wood or […]

Memory overload

Just when I was having so much fun.. When testing the handy headshaped reader together with all the four feedback motors in the code I’m up for an unpleasant surprise. I make a couple of new tags, one for each feedback function to test them out. I finally get them all up and running with […]

It’s all in the head

What a beautiful sight when all the spreaking wires are neatly stuffed into the milky white head. I’ve built a wall inside the head that gives the reader a separate room without any pressure on the sensitive solderings on it’s back. At the same time it supports the breadboard so that this is kept […]